News 10.12.2018
See al the goals of Ayub Masika (Beijing renhe 2017-2018)
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News 22.11.2018
Reportage for Eleven Sports about his life in China. Last season was very good Ayub Masika. He was one of the keyplayers of his team Beijing Renhe. He scored 7 goals in 14 games with his team.
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News 04.10.2018
Ayub Masika, unsuspected crowd pleasure in 
the Chinese Super League Stories become more important in the world of football. With 7 goals scored for Beijing Renhe in 11 games, Ayub Masika was one of the surprising players in the Chinese Super League last season. The story of the 26-year old Ayub Masika is remarkable. At the age of 13, Ayub ended up in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) where he was taken care of by his foster father Josy Comhair. Josy is now Ayub’s manager at JC Playermanagement-Sports (www.jcplayermanagement.be After 4 seasons for KRC Genk and 2 seasons for Lierse SK, Ayub got some interest from China. After some time dealing with injuries, he was finally able to play for Heilongjiang Lava Spring in the second division in the Chinese competition. In the second part of the season, he had the opportunity to start for Beijing Renhe and the player of JC Playermanagement seized this opportunity with both hands. Ayub Masika: “This is a special competition. In Europe, they usually don’t know the Chinese competition, but it is actually a very good league. It’s a mix of hard and physical football but it’s also very intensive. There are also a lot of famous players such as Hulk, Paulino, Oscar and a couple of other Brazilian talents. A lot of them played in Europe. Recently, I was talking with Hulk about my former club KRC Genk. He knew the team because of their good performances. Yannick Carrasco and I are the only 2 players from Belgium in the Chinese Super League. He plays in Dalian, that’s a club with a lot of financial support but the get ranked beneath us.” Meanwhile, he is the ambassador of the Kenyan national football team and he excels at Beijing Renhe. Ayub shouts “Limburg for life” when we meet him in the centre of Beijing next to his girlfriend Lieze Liefsoens who is also from Limburg. But Ayub is not only loved in Limburg, he’s also a star in Kenia. Every person that visits the airport of Nairobi can see Ayub pictured at life-sized posters. Josy Comhair, CEO JC Playermanagement: “Ayub is one of my sons. At the age of 13, he arrived in Belgium. He was a friendly, intelligent and charming young man with an incredible drive. If I look at his career right now, I can only be proud. He is making incredible steps. He had to leave Genk because there was a lot of competition in the team. But Ayub has a lot of talent and Beijing Renhe is not his final station. The club is very good for him at this moment in his career and by playing for this team, he is also thinking about his family. Ayub always had one goal in life and that is to take care of his family.” “Social media and communication keep playing a bigger part in football. Few agents are doing this for their players. But we, at JC Playermanagement, are trying to do as much as possible because we believe in our players. And in their stories!” Philip De Hollogne, advisor JC PLayermangement: “Ayub is a beautiful story… and stories play a big part in transfers and negotiations with commercial companies. For example, AS Roma does not only judge the skill of a player, but they also look at the way a player handles their communication. There are 4 pillars if they contact a football player: 1) How does he perform on the pitch?
2) How is the player’s entourage? 
3) What are the mental skills of the player?
4) How is his social media and communication? A player is not only a value on the pitch. They also represent the club they are playing for. Of course, the most important thing for a professional football player is to perform on the pitch but every footballer has his own story to tell. And th story of Ayub is a very unique story. Written by: Dries Vandewauw
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